“In Bloom” The Sexy Pronovias Bridal Collection 2019"/>

“In Blüte” Die sexy Pronovias Brautkollektion 2019

The nuptial firm responsible for opening the night at the Barcelona Bridal Week 2018, presented its new collection ‘In Bloomon the Fira catwalk. The French designer has been inspired by the colorful gardens of Monet as explained by Hervé Moreau, creative director of the firm, to create one of the most risky and innovative collections. Petals and leaves merge into elegant dresses, always sprinkled with sensual transparencies. According to Moreau, in the new collectionhighlights the necklines of vertigo and backs and renews the classic tattoo effect with geometric and floral finishes.

Pronovias, has opted for the renewal of their designs by introducing fresher and more youthful dresses, for different types of brides. Through this collection, the designer showed the talent that is combined in textiles, applications and a brutal understanding of the trends of the moment, designing an evening full of wedding dresses, dream details and everything you need to take a trip around the time and to know exclusively the proposal of Atelier Pronovias 2019.

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The new collection, baptized under the name In Bloom, gave life to spring with all its splendor, on a stage that was the living portrait of the wonderful garden of the French painter Monet, in Giverny; A garden that Hervé Moreau has interpreted to perfection, bordering thousands of flowers and the pond, where there was also the famous Japanese bridge full of wisteria.

The creative proposal of Atelier is full of incredible designs that seem to come from a fairy tale. From the outset, it is worth mentioning that this line is very close to all the spirit of haute couture, enhancing the handmade fabrics and hand made wedding dresses. All of them not only generate a dream effect, but have the purpose of accompanying you on a perfect day and, natürlich, with a creation that exceeds the limits of style completely.

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The Dutch supermodel Romee Strijd was commissioned to open the parade with a spectacular suit: an infinite neckline invdecorated with a floral border that continued in the form of a waterfall to the end and transparencies of vertigo in the lower part.

Screenshotter PronoviasBridal2019BarcelonaBridalFashionWeek2018 0’56”

On the catwalk, a variety of patterns and cuts to attract all the brides of the world. Variety of necklines, both in the chest and in the back; some designs that opted for the off shoulders trend, and transparencies that left visible the profile of the female body, have shown that Pronovias is the signature of sensual brides.

During the parade many fabrics and combinations were shown. The lace, ohne Zweifel, were the main protagonists of the presentation. jedoch, the king remains the French lace, although with invisible seams and cuts. They have also highlighted the crep, the tulip, the guipure or the mikado. Fabrics, which the firm has highlighted as its flags of style from the beginning, are responsible for making each of the designs fall in love, creating incredible figures that are inspired by nature and, natürlich, are accompanied by applications that shine on the distance to give you a more unique look.

Screenshotter PronoviasBridal2019BarcelonaBridalFashionWeek2018 2’11”

In this last installment stand out the elements of fantasy in the designs, the applications of rhinestones, the three-dimensional embroidery or the feathers that evoke a fairy tale. Covered with pailettes, in tulle and with an endless number of embroideries made with lace. The tattoo effect and transparencies come to life not only on the front necklines and on the back, but also on sleeves that complement ideal applications for a bride who seeks to be the center of attention from the start.

The flowers, were the protagonists of the night, shone with their own light. Dresses full of floral embroideries, some with color, independent sleeves with motif in XL format and even a tail embroidered entirely in 3D; There were details inspired by them even in the beauty looks of the models.

Screenshotter PronoviasBridal2019BarcelonaBridalFashionWeek2018 1’56”

Moreau has been able to read the new trends and has included in his collection, for the first time, the overalls and trousers. Without leaving aside the short dresses, that of those who do not forget: full of feathers embracing the body of the model and leaving freeway to the legs.
Pronovias is always the most anticipated event at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the In Bloom collection has been an authentic ode to spring and the natural beauty of women. And, as expected, it has set the bar very high. A fairy tale scene that Hervé Moreau has masterfully devised and created.

"In Bloom" Die sexy Pronovias Brautkollektion 2019
"In Bloom" Die sexy Pronovias Brautkollektion 2019

The nuptial firm responsible for opening the night at the Barcelona Bridal Week 2018, presented its new collection 'In Bloom' on the Fira catwalk. The French designer has been inspired by the colorful gardens of Monet as explained by Hervé Moreau, creative director of the firm, to create one of the most risky and innovative collections.


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  1. Girl these dresses were so lovely, I promise you i wanted to lose a 100pds over night!!??????????Yaaass!! Sexy Classy ??

  2. ????? I would totally feel uncomfortable wearing most of these in front of my family and my husband to be family. But then this is a fashion show….

  3. Precioso maravilloso…mi sueño era de ser creadora estilista de vestidos de novia…pero mi pasado a sido un sufrimiento orible…hoy daño de ese agujero negro…pero mi sufrimiento no a terminado…y de vez en cuando miro las creatines de pronovias….y me da munchisima alegría y emuciones….gracias por lo bonito que lo hacéis

  4. You people do know they can add more material on to make it more conservative when tailored? Haven’t you learned anything from Say Yes to the Dress?

  5. Yes that dress is not acceptable at.Catholic, Christian, Jewish,Hebrew,,& etc!./that is for a.stripper.wedding!

  6. Brasil ! Pronoivas valorizando o contorno da área e a dedicação com romance e ginga brasileira./2018.

  7. Wow, tres joli,magnifique. It would be nice to be 18 & look like these models in these dresses & have a magnificient wedding party in Laguna Beach ,Newport Beach , Coronado Island, or La Jolla Beach. You are all invited to watch our youtube channels:
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  8. People need to chill, these are beautiful dresses regardless of how practical they may or may not be. Plus, those who still think that the wedding dress is supposed to portray your innocence and virginity need to do some more research about where the white wedding dress even started. Besides, plenty of brides now don’t want to look ‘virginial’. Boo hoo, get over it.

  9. My half-sister and professional hairdresser and makeup artist pro. She participated in this show ;p

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