“SS2018 Off White” Lady Diana Tribute by Virgil Abloh"/>

“SS2018 Off White” Lady Diana Tribute von Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh announced and he did it, this is how the designer paid homage to the most beloved princess of all time with a tribute collection.
He had announced it in July from his Instagram profile with a picture of his moodboard and has kept the promise! Virgil Abloh paid homage to the Sad Princess by creating the Natural Woman collection, a tribute that could not be more so, the wardrobe focused on the various facets of the life of Diana Spencer’s Lady. From formal contexts to more casual situations that have consecrated La Principessa Triste as a true icon.

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After presenting the men’s collection in Pitti Uomo Virgil Abloh the king of streetwear chooses Princess Diana Spencer as a female icon for this 2018 spring / summer collection of OFF-WHITE, transposing details and patterns on her clothes of the photographs of their different looks over the years. All transformed into a contemporary key, giving space to games of volumes, shapes and contrasts of color and experimenting with new combinations such as spectacular tulle tops with flounces and fluorescent pants, leather jackets and maxi flake shawls, men’s shirts and skirts of corolla extra-large dimensions.

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From his iconic suit, to cyclist shorts, dall’outift gloves unpaired legendary black dress from past history as the blackrevenge dress”. The sets explicitly recall the most famous costumes worn by Lady Diana at different times, a flashback that takes us back to the eighties and nineties, but with that touch of modernity that Virgil has been able to balance impeccably.

Screenshotter OffWhiteSpringSummer2018FullFashionShowExclusive 1’13”

Despite some influences of streetwear and sportswear, such as tights, Nike shoes and the industrial belt every look on the catwalk is a (almost) total and identical repetition of the clothes worn by Diana, both on public occasions of the Royal Family and in private moments of his life. And it is precisely Diana in the Natural Woman version that Off-White intends to celebrate.

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Off White has been designed by Virgil Abloh, a designer who rose to fame as a collaborator of Kanye West and is known for creating luxury streetwear and cult for the generation of social networks. So, you can ask, why would you choose to celebrate the Princess in her latest collection? Incredible tribute and extreme tribute or lack of creativity and no new ideas? The choice is yours.

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After the final finale of the Versace parade in Milan, Naomi Campbell has once again climbed the catwalk. This time it was in Paris and for the firm Off-White, in a collection that was inspired by the duality of the style of Diana of Wales: elegant and very feminine in its public appearances and sports in the privacy.

Screenshotter OffWhiteSpringSummer2018FullFashionShowExclusive 9’26”

Naomi has been in charge of closing this show with a look that expressed precisely this from two very different garments: a fitted and asymmetric white blazer finished in a cascade of ruffles, combined with some biker pants like those that Lady Di used in your daily workouts.
Twenty years after his death, the memory and style of Lady Di is still present in the collective imagination of many designers and has become part of popular culture. Auf diese Weise, their structured jackets, their hyper-feminine dresses and their sporty style have also been absorbed by the current girls.

"SS2018 Off White" Lady Diana Tribute von Virgil Abloh
"SS2018 Off White" Lady Diana Tribute von Virgil Abloh

After presenting the men's collection in Pitti Uomo Virgil Abloh "the king of streetwear" chooses Princess Diana Spencer as a female icon for this 2018 spring / summer collection of OFF-WHITE, transposing details and patterns on her clothes of the photographs of their different looks over the years.


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  1. Someone needs to start the label “Off Black”, but that wouldn’t be allowed, would it. Moreover if the label is “Off White”, why are the designs mimicking traditional European fashion? Shouldn’t they be featuring grass skirts, mud huts, nose bones, canabalism, etc…? Because that’s what’s been going on in African throughout recorded history to this day.

    • I don’t think there is cannibalism in Africa, but there are some crazy good designers coming out of Africa, Unfortunately, many of them don’t even get a chance b/c the countries are so corrupt and the people are unbelievably poor. It’s actually very sad. If Virgil Abloh wanted to help, he could have used models from Liberia etc… Some of those women are absolutely beautiful without even trying!

    • Northern Belle lmao I love how much black people – especially successful black people, get under your kind’s skin. I can only imagine how upset you must have been to the point where you felt so inclined to type and post this drivel because it was the only way in which you could feel better about yourself. I’m happy that black excellence makes you sick and I hope that sickness erodes your insides. Thank you for showcasing the depths of inferiority that exist beneath the fragile facade of European so called superiority:)

    • Off white, in this context, refers to “defining the grey area between black and white.” But it can also be seen as a grey or yellowish tinge.

      The bright colors, such as the hot pink and orange are traditional African colors. The hoop skirt harkens to colonial days. There are other cross over references, combining masculine with feminine in a single look.

      I hope this helps you in your quest to learn about diversity.

    • Truth hurts – and I notice that there’s no logical, factual arguments to counter my points, which really reflects the sad state of the world today.

  2. I love it! I think the idea is a natural woman of however she chooses to dress, she can make it high fashion looking. Living for it?

  3. If coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck on the bottom of your shoes is cool? I’m down. There is one pair of black pants I liked from this collection.

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