Versace Spring Summer 2019. Milan Menswear"/>

Versace Spring Summer 2019. Milan Menswear

Versace menswear Spring / Summer 2019 show at Milan Fashion Week, which took place under a particularly flowered draped room at the famous Palazzo Versace.

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Beneath a gabled roof of unseasonably late hothouse wisteria, Versace’s men and women ran through a suggestive riot of stereotypes. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid under a suspended ceiling of flowers, with mirror and metallic effects.

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In standard Versace fashion, the clothing exuded confidence with head-turning colors, baroque prints and a self-aware sense of humor, this season’s on electric neons, “ironic” florals and tabloid prints that commented on celebrity culture.

This season’s collection of the subject of sensuality in masculinity, drawing inspiration from different male archetypes – the street-style star, the high-fashion man, the surfer guy and the boardroom executive – to paint a sartorial picture of the modern Versace man.

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Traditional menswear suiting what remixed with highlighter colors as well as pinstripe pieces worn over gossip tabloid shirts, while signature Versace print silk pieces came dipped in gaudy chic bejeweled motifs. A newspaper print is blended with bright colors, passing through fluorescent, but we can also find yellow, green and a pink in a color block. Even flowers are used for an all-over look or the revisited chain motifs from the old collections which are worn loose on loose outfits, perfect for holiday.

There’s a rave-meets-skater style, as seen in the red faux python patent vests, baggy combat pants, transparent holographic purple pieces, bucket hats and tinted sunglasses.

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Vinyl shorts so come back, coordinated with knitwear or short, hooded parka jackets. Without forgetting a colored python-like effect, in red or green. To note: the accessories, notably the mini-straps with shoulder straps worn by both girls and men, the trainers with high-length socks. The girls in very short, sexy dresses. The logo which comes back, even bigger, on the t-shirts and on loose, gray with tennis stripes suits.

This menswear collection was presented against a complementary women’s capsule—not Resort—the better to give a sense of the brand’s total world. The menswear show was interjected with womenswear pieces and supported by a strong array of unisex accessories and footwear, such as the new edition Chain Reaction sneakers and sandals.. First came the power suit refreshed by being placed oversize over denim and T-shirts printed with the season’s tabloid print.

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In her press release quote Donatella Versace said: “These are men who do not care about the rules and that is exactly what I love.” Yes, well. Rules are actually pretty important for men right now. But by showing us a few rules we are allowed to break, Versace was doing all men a service this evening.

Donatella cranked up the dial on sexy for summer, so we props up Donatella Versace for taking a long, hard look at various masculine archetypes and attempting to skew the lens a little.

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Those who want more to fantasize about than avocado toast. And just as importantly, to provide outfits for those who want to feel fantasize-able.

Versace Spring Summer 2019. Milan Menswear
Versace Spring Summer 2019. Milan Menswear

Beneath a gabled roof of unseasonably late hothouse wisteria, Versace’s men and women ran through a suggestive riot of stereotypes. Strong boys, sure of themselves, seeming to enter to a clip of music, accompanied by beautiful girls, the top models of the moment, including Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid, under a suspended ceiling of flowers, with mirror and metallic effects.


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  1. wheres the innovation? this looks like the took photos from the 90s and early 2000s and recreated them. Boring. Take me to the future not the past, cause the 90s were not a hit for mens fashion.


  3. The only good things about this collection are the knee high boots Kendall is wearing and the strap stilettos with fabric the girls are wearing.

  4. am i the only one who thinks that a lot of models couldn’t walk good
    like the one who did the opening walks bad and some other models to

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