Carla Ruiz 2019 Collection “Ocean”

The bottom of the sea was the great inspiration for the 2019 party dress line by Carla Ruiz, who, through a game of textures, applications and colors, managed to invite the viewer to dream about the marine world.

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With the peaceful sound of the waves and with a scenography that emulated the seabed, “Oceans”, a collection of party dresses by the designer, Rocío Ruiz, began to be immersed in the depths of the sea, through pieces of suggestive transparencies and lace.

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A cult of elegance and feminine beauty, but also, to the immensities of the ocean, is what Rocío Ruiz presented. The designer has been inspired by the fascination she has always felt for the seabed and its unexplored beauty to capture it in this new collection.

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A collection of long party dresses, two-piece suits and long midi, imitated the movement of the waves and the flutter of the fish when walking, in which the lighter silhouettes, created with gauze, brocades and organza, coexist, on the other hand, much more armed designs sewn in draped silk fabrics, laces splashed with feathers and rich ornaments, embroidered in pailletes that reflect the color of the ocean floor depending on how you look at it. All this without forgetting the overlays of different fabrics that provide richness and games of textures and transparencies.

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A symphony of colors that begins with the subtlety of the crystalline color of the sea and is transformed into shades like mauve, turquoise, coral and a wide range of blues, flooded a catwalk in a fascinating symphony of marine tones that takes us to the mysterious depths of the ocean, in which there was no shortage of floral and spring floral prints.

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Necklines with asymmetrical cuts in one-shoulder dresses and long sleeves in one arm. Layers with applications of feathers, dresses with lace and applications on shoulders, bridal jumpsuits, sheer pleated dresses A cut long and midi; and simple straight dresses that were tied at the waist with suggestive transparencies or embroidered paillettes, showed an elegant catwalk of fluid and feminine silhouettes.

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Although it was a party collection, sensual wedding dresses were in charge of opening the catwalk. In this way, a little white piece with applications that simulated a coral in the shoulder and waist, took the first place on the catwalk, giving way to a suggestive wedding dress with lace and transparencies. And both the inlaid embroidery on the torso of a long midi princess style wedding dress, as well as the paillettes sleeves of a geometric cut overall, encouraged the catwalk, in addition to giving the bridal touch to the collection.

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Rocío Ruiz used the nature of the sea as an inexhaustible source of inspiration getting a collection where evanescent silhouettes coexist sculpted with gauze, brocades and organza, with other more resounding made with draped silks, lace sprinkled with feathers and rich embroidery pailletes that evoke the magic of the oceans.

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Carla Ruiz, arrives every year stomping the Barcelona Bridal Week catwalk, without a doubt, the brand, has presented a beautiful collection full of live proposals, with colors and extraordinary details, has shined with its own light.

Carla Ruiz  2019 Collection "Ocean"
Carla Ruiz 2019 Collection "Ocean"

The bottom of the sea was the great inspiration for the 2019 party dress line by Carla Ruiz, who, through a game of textures, applications and colors, managed to invite the viewer to dream about the marine world.


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